Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For Me?

A Connecticut Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

If there is one time in your life when you need the experience of the Law Office of William E. Carter, this is the time. The bankruptcy laws surrounding Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and foreclosure prevention are extremely complicated, and are changing all the time. Our Connecticut bankruptcy attorney has the most current information, cutting-edge technologies, and financial insights to help you decide if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option for your personal situation. One phone call for guidance today can prevent costly consequences in the future.

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Benefits of Connecticut Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Connecticut bankruptcy lawyer William E. Carter has helped many of our area neighbors understand the complex rules, exemptions, regulations, and qualifying Bankruptcy Code requirements for Chapter 13 bankruptcy eligibility. "Reorganization" Chapter 13 bankruptcies provide hard working, honest people, just like you, with an opportunity to keep valuable assets such as your home, condominium, automobile, or truck from foreclosure or repossession.

The single most important step to take when your income does not cover your expenses is to call the Law Office of William E. Carter for a free consultation. Too often, people believe they do not need the assistance of a Connecticut bankruptcy attorney and end up costing themselves thousands of dollars in penalties and fines on top of the debt still owed. Contacting William E. Carter can help you avoid the following examples of preventable, common, and ultimately expensive mistakes:

  • Filing the wrong type of bankruptcy
  • Transferring credit card balances for lower interest rates
  • Giving up your home equity to a mortgage company or bank
  • Relying on credit counseling services
  • Borrowing money from relatives and friends
  • Cashing in or borrowing from retirement of pension plans
  • Believing scam artists posing as mortgage assistance companies

The biggest mistake is to do nothing. A free and confidential consultation to discuss debt relief options is only a phone call away. At the Law Office of William E. Carter we are proud of the trust our community places with us during these times of financial difficulty. We are dedicated to answering your questions honestly and thoroughly, as we help you get back on your feet in a dignified manner.

Call Connecticut bankruptcy lawyer William E. Carter today for the experience, knowledge, business sense, and ability needed to help you begin a more debt free financial future.